Sunday, 20 November 2011

Geek's Toy For Betdaq!

Interesting times ahead as the 'Geek' has announced he'll be releasing a Betdaq version of the 'Toy' very soon.  The liquidity on Betdaq has been increasing gradually over the summer since Betfair announced their new 'super' Premium Charge, so it'll be interesting to see if this software release will further help push users over to their rival exchange.  In my opinion this is great news.
In addition, the 'Geek' is also running another fantastic fundraiser for BBC Children in Need.   There's some great prizes up for grabs so it's well worth checking out!
For those of you unfamiliar with Geeks Toy, it's a completely free pice of software for betting or trading on Betfair and to be fair it's very good.  My favourite feature is that it allows you to see the amounts being matched on each side of the market, but the recently released 1.2 Beta now has Dutching, Bookmaking, stop loss, a multibet tool, support for Betfair video.  A new in play interface is also due to be released on Monday.
Their forum is also very active so if you have any problems there's always someone willing to help out.  As the 'Geek' says.....
Geeks Toy - Probably the best Betfair trading software in the world!


rod said... between betfair and betdaq will be more easy now...

Mark Iverson said...

Yes Rod, this can only be good news!

All the best,


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