Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sod's Law

Since Last Post P/L: £9.83
Monthly P/L: £839.97

Ha! A few developments this week - I'm back in work, my brother has to gone to visit friends scattered throughout the UK and I've had a busy but unproductive trading week. Talk about coming back to earth with a bump!
In the long run I'm convinced that these times are just as important as the winning ones. If you can keep your head, not get greedy and not make too much of a loss you can count it as a success. After my big win last week I feel I've now ridden the wave of euphoria and can hopefully get back to securing small wins over the next couple of weeks...but...if I'm honest, I do have one eye on finishing the month with £1000 profit as it's a milestone I've had on my radar for some time. We shall see.
If you're interested in knowing my full list of results since last Thursday then here's the details:
Twenty 20
Australia v England : £170.20
New Zealand v India : £7.71
Australia v Bangladesh : £24.58
Pakistan v Sri Lanka : £33.39
Bangladesh v Sri Lanka : £33.05
England v India : £42.07
Rugby Union
Fiji v Canada : £43.40
Samoa v Tonga : 25.33

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