Thursday, 24 January 2008

Twitchy Bum Time

Since Last Post P/L: £201.34
Monthly P/L: £169.78

Oh crap! I've got my head in my hands as I'm dangerously close to ending my first month since I started trading with a loss. The NFL playoffs once again proved to be my undoing as I got decision after decision wrong and before I knew it I'd reached my maximum stop loss figure.
Sunday's Results:
San Diego @ New England : £194.88
NFL Season 07/08 Superbowl Winner : £23.47
South Africa v West Indies : £17.01
There is a slight positive. I felt a little uneasy about Green Bay turning over New York, so before the kick off I decided to spread my position over the three outsiders. It was a lucky move as the Giants are the ones progressing to the Superbowl so at least I have a chance of getting back some profit when they go up against New England. This won't affect my January P/L though as this matchup isn't taking place until the 3rd February.
So how can I ensure I don't self destruct over the next few days? Well, sitting on my hands is one approach but as the 3rd ODI between the Saffers and the Windies is on Sunday I'll probably get involved. I don't want to ruin my perfect record so I'm going to have to concentrate 100% to stay in profit. Wish me luck!


The Betfair Loser said...

It's reassuring to mere mortals like me to see that trading gods like yourself can have an off-day too.


Seriously though, I'm sure you'll make it back soon and post another big green for the month!!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Betfair Loser,

Ha! Thanks for the compliment- LOL!

Cheers for the support and I really hope you're right.

All the best,


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