Sunday, 7 March 2010

Opportunity Knocks

Christmas has come early! After weeks of speculation, it was finally revealed this week that the IPL (Indian Premier League) will be broadcast on ITV 4 throughout March and April. With it being a 60 match tournament, not having access to a 'live' feed would have been a serious handicap, but there's no need for me to fret anymore - Lalit Modi stuck to his word. Hopefully the extra work that I've conducted in analysis and a new found confidence in the way I trade will provide the results that will kick-start my cricket season. If you've not watched/traded Twenty20 cricket before then it's well worth a look - it has the perfect combination of being highly volatile whilst at the same time the markets squelch with liquidity.....mmmmm.
Following my last post I've also decided to continue with covering some of the matches but I'll probably invite those of you happy to participate to go 'unmoderated'. This will hopefully promote more discussion during the quiet periods and allow me to concentrate on my trading a little more.
Roll on Friday - I can't wait!


Dubaitrader said...

Good stuff, Mark. I love the Twenty20's, always fun to watch. Best of luck.

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks John.

Would be good if you could drop by for one of the live events.

All the best mate.


Matt said...

Hi Mark

Do you know how far behind the 'live' pics are on ITV4 compared to Indian TV?

I've had problems in the past being picked off on Cricket matches from India & Sri Lanka.