Monday, 14 June 2010

The Wonders Of Technology

I know, I know, it's been a while but after the lack of interest shown in my live coverage of T20 I figured that I wouldn't be missed too much.

A lot has been going on but for those of you interested, the IPL didn't turn into a bonanza for me but more of a damage limitation exercise following a couple of extreme losses early in the tournament. I plead guilty to being way too confident and not managing my risk so it should have been expected that I would pay. On the plus side those losses made me re-focus and May became my best ever month so once again every cloud seems to have a silver lining.

So why am I posting now?

Well I've just bought an ipad and thought I'd check out how easy it is to post from tapping away whilst watching TV. If this looks have decent when I get to look at it on a PC then this maybe the way forward as finding the time to fire up the computer and login etc. was just becoming too time consuming.

Now, how do I get someone to write this stuff for me? :-)



Dubaitrader said...

Hi Mark,

Wondered when you'd pop back.

iPad's are definitely the future imo, my Wife is addicted to it! She thinks she's the next Doyle Brunson as all she does is play Poker! lol.

Hope you're well.

Nick B said...

Good to see you posting again Mark. Would be good to do some live trading again.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi John,

Cheers for the post mate.

I'm loving the ipad too! It's my new best friend but I really struggle when trying to tell people what I use it's just there!

Hope you're doing okay too mate and best wishes as always.


Mark Iverson said...

Thanks for the kind comment Nick.

I enjoyed the live trading but it did distract me a little. Maybe when the NFL kicks off again?

All the best,


Nick B said...

NFL sounds good to me mate.

Anonymous said...

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