Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Better Team Won

It’s a common phrase used nearly all the time by TV pundits, but the question I like to ask is, “did they really?”

First impressions can be misleading, as our memories have the convenient ability to block out certain inalienable truths and to only recall the key moments of an event or the extraordinary emotions that we associated with them. Try thinking back to the last time your favourite team experienced a sporting high – were they really that good? Or was it just a moment of genius or perhaps your fondness for the result that has given you that impression?

Why is this important? Well these misconceptions can lead to inefficient markets as odds compilers are commonly influenced by past results and not necessarily past performance. Spotting these inefficiencies can therefore have a hugely positive effect on future trading results.



Anonymous said...

I think you are onto something here...but is there anyone who attempts to quantify the performance? Are there such data available?

Mark Iverson said...

It's not really a new idea - plenty of people already do it when handicapping horse races etc. but the idea behind the post is to highlight that not every loss should be deemed as a negative experience.

There is such a thing as a 'good loss'.

All the best,


Ross Taylor said...

For example, England in the World Cup. 3rd Favourites???

Andy Rush said...

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Mark Iverson said...

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

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