Monday, 26 December 2011

Get Tracking

I hope you're enjoying the holidays!  If your house is anything like mine then you'll still have enough biscuits and chocolate left to see you through to June.  I guess the diet will have to wait!

Anyway, just a quick post to let you know I've decided to make my Betfair monitoring tool available to anyone who wants it.  I received a few emails from readers following my last post asking how they could implement something similar, so rather than talk through each step I've knocked up a page where anyone interested can acquire it. It really has changed the way I trade in-play on cricket but it can be used for any Betfair market.  For example, if you're a horse racing trader would you be interested in reviewing how your p&l fluctuated in the 10 minutes before a race?  The time intervals set for recording your position can be modified to whatever you like and it's easy to setup although you do need a Betfair account, Microsoft Excel and be a Bet Angel Professional subscriber.

Still there?  Then either click the banner above or click here.


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