Wednesday, 27 December 2006

My Results

After testing various trading systems in August 2006 I started for real in September 2006 with a small trading bank of £250. I've only added my monthly profits to this trading bank since, so the profits you see below have all come from that initial investment.

Please note that up until May 2008 I traded part-time as I had full time career. It was at this point I was given the opportunity to reduce my working hours and after a little deliberation (it really wasn't much!) I decided to try and address the work/life balance. I now work 3 days a week as a Project Manager and spend the rest of my time either with my family or on the betting exchanges.

As I pay monthly fees to use trading software, TV subscriptions & also pay commission through Betfair, I feel it's important to include these overheads in my final figures.

I'll update these results at the end of every month.

Profit Minus Commission & Premium Charges - £22,363.67
Trading Software & TV Subscriptions - £1,264.00

Total Profit & Loss - £21,099.67


Results by Month -

February 2009 - £1,007.43
January 2009 - £1,008.37
December 2008 - £1,053.89
November 2008 - £416.44
October 2008 - £525.03
September 2008 - £867.85
August 2008 - £1,267.17
July 2008 - £1,633.86
June 2008 - £701.24
May 2008 - £2,805.80
April 2008 - £1,326.94
March 2008 - £150.50
February 2008 - £856.13
January 2008 - £304.01
December 2007 - £1,901.16
November 2007 - £451.28
October 2007 - £671.69
September 2007 - £1,090.76
August 2007 - £879.45
July 2007 - £452.90
June 2007 - £480.17
May 2007 - £272.12
April 2007 - £622.07
March 2007 - £656.22
February 2007 - £208.77
January 2007 - £137.22

December 2006 - £373.46
November 2006 - £18.63
October 2006 - £93.71
September 2006 - £60.60
August 2006 - £38.80


Results by Sport -

Cricket - £12,797.80
Rugby Union - £4,948.44
Darts - £3,587.71

NFL - £899.90
Golf - £712.58

Motor Sport - £680.20
Greyhound Racing - £145.41
Special Bets - £34.79

Rugby League - £3.70

Boxing - £9.12

Poker - £92.71
Tennis - £105.02
Snooker - £157.81
Soccer - £308.79

Premium Charges - £327.58
Horse Racing - £445.83



Anonymous said...

Hey, Ivo, I have lost my house and car, and now my missus dont want to know me :(. I'm currently sleeping outside M&S in town, and all because you introduced me to Betfair and spreadbetting! I'm going to find you...

Anonymous said...

If you find him, let me now. He's ruined my life....havnt got a pot to p*ss in.

Anonymous said...

You have to make your own decisions in life – The followers pay the price. Great site mark.

As a professional gambler (for want of a better title)I can tell you - there are no easy ways of making money but if you have balls, a good knowledge of you investment and a decent betting bank it can be done – It beats sweating your bollocks off a day for peanuts that’s for sure.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry about not replying sooner, but I only just noticed your post :-)

Thanks for your kind comments & advice - it's nice to have some feedback from someone who's already making a living from gambling.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

First post after intermittent following of your (pretty erudite!) blog. Looking at your breakdown of profit/loss on sport types, cricket & RU score highly whereas big markets like soccer & tennis show a loss.
Any explanations for this?

Mark Iverson said...

Hi anonymous,

Soccer is a sport where only 2 or 3 key events will happen throughout the course of a match and this doesn't suit my trading style so I leave it well alone. Tennis is a great trading sport but I'd describe my basic knowledge as average so as I've had to prioritise my trading activity the other sports you've mentioned come higher in the list.

Hope this helps.


Johnny Moyles said...

Nice site Mark

I have my own gambling blog based on dog racing but also on tennis, football and anything else that takes my fancy


Anonymous said...

Mark. Do you do much in-play trading?. I'm not sure if its luck but I am making a killing on the olympics In-Play at the moment. Using an old analogue tv for shorter delay pictures the In-Play tool on BetGizmo from Cant wait for the mens 100m, should be a buck or two riding on that one.

Anonymous said...

Are you trading on the Olympics and if so how is it going. I am making a steal at the moment using the inplay tool from It helped me pull in £450 on the 10,000m.

stoixima said...

Don't listen to them Mark. Nice website