Sunday, 31 December 2006

Another Year Over

Well that's it for 2006 - no more trading until 2007!

It's been a good year but I'm really hoping that the next 12 months will take me to another level.

To get things straight I'd like to make it clear now that I'm currently a part time trader due to my career and the time restricitions that come with a busy working day. However, I call myself a professional because of my approach. I like to think I'm highly disciplined and I'm always aware of what my targets and objectives are. I feel that if you have these strengths you don't have to work 40 hours a week to consider yourself a Pro.

Since 'switching' to trading in August 2006 my P/L results have been:

My Results - By Month

August 2006 - £38.80
September 2006 - £60.60
October 2006 - £93.71
November 2006 - £18.63 (I had computer failure in November)
December 2006 - £373.46

Total since August 2006 - £585.20

As you can see the 'switch' has ensured that 2006 has been a profitable one for me.

Not every sport has proved profitable as I've struggled to 'crack' trading Horse Racing & Soccer:

My Results - By Sport

Darts - £244.59
Golf - £174.93
Rugby Union - £98.43
NFL - £85.89
Cricket - £50.15
Tennis - £7.01
Snooker - £2.30
Boxing - £0.78
Horse Racing - £18.35
Soccer - £60.53

My trading bank now stands at over £800 so my trade sizes will go up in line with this for January with my first involvement in 2007 likely to be the Taylor v Barneveld matchup on New Years Day. It should be a cracker and even though Taylor is likely to start favourite Barney is really pumped for this one and if anyone can beat the 'Legend' then it's him - could be a good one for trading.

See you next year!


Philip said...

Hello Mark
I have added your site to
give it a try
I have a policy of not adding blogs to my site until you have at least 12+posts

Give me a shout back then

Regards Phil
aka The Smiling Assassin

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Phil

Will get back to a little later in the month once the blog is a little more established.

Best regards,