Monday, 15 October 2007

Against All Odds

Since Last Post P/L: £200.35
Monthly P/L: £368.81

Who would have believed it? England are in the final of the Rugby World Cup and my jaw is on the floor. This is a team who has struggled to rise above mediocrity over the last 4 years but somehow they've battled to earn a seat at the highest table in the game. This is too much pain for a disillusioned Welsh fan to bare.....not only are we rubbish but our big brothers are going all the way (again!). So can they do it? Can they pull off a miracle and down the South Africans to become back to back World Champions (a feat that no other team has achieved yet)? The form book would say no but I'm not writing them off. They've already proved more than once that they've the game to grind out a victory and they've summoned up the team spirit to believe in themselves. In my opinion you'd be a brave man to take the skinny 1.41 available on the Springboks as the scene seems set - it's the 78th minute, the score is 15-15, Johnny sits back in the pocket, he receives the ball from a maul in the middle of the pitch, takes a deep breath and sinks a sweetly stroked drop goal between the uprights. Game over and the rest is history - ouch! :-)

Unfortunately I'll be missing the final as it's Nicola's birthday on Saturday so I've promised to take her out for a celebratory meal. If Wales had made it this far I would have needed to find an excuse, but for some strange reason I always felt quite comfortable that the call for a last minute bout of flu wouldn't be needed so I'll add it to Sky+ and watch it when I get back.

As expected the trading for October is moving along at a slow pace but the good news is that I'm still in profit. My results since my last post have been:

Sri Lanka v England (5th ODI) = £264.86
India v Australia (6th ODI) = £48.98

Rugby Union
Bath v Harlequins = £0.79
England v France = £124.70
South Africa v Argentina = £0.42

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay = £10.84
What's worrying about these results is the fact that I've made a significant loss on the Rugby Union. The England game was a bit of a nightmare as I found that I was a bit slow off the mark on a number of occasions. I'm hoping that this was down to others having quicker TV pictures through terrestrial television (I was watching through Sky) as it did seem that orders were going into the market quicker than the events were happening on the screen. I should have realised this sooner but I didn't. Nevermind though, it's not all doom and gloom as Cricket continues to deliver the goods.

That's about it for now. I've got a busy schedule for the next few days so good luck to you all for the week ahead!

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