Saturday, 27 October 2007

In A Spin

Since Last Post P/L: £13.11
Monthly P/L: £671.69
It's been a tough week, I'm absolutely shattered and the hard work isn't over yet. The next 7 days are going to be challenging too. It all starts in the early hours of tomorrow morning as I'm off to the Netherlands with work and I don't get back until late Tuesday night. After that I'm on a 2 day training course and in between I'm scheduled to meet up with Nicola for the next baby scan. There is some good news though as if I can get through it then a holiday in Gran Canaria is just around the corner. When we first found out that Nic was expecting we took the decision to take one last 'couples' holiday before things changed and I'm glad to say it's nearly here. We're only going for a short break but I can't wait to lie next to the pool, get some sun and read a book :-)
This all means that my trading activity for October has come to an end. My last bit of action was on Sunday as I took a punt of £13.11 (a strange amount to stake but one I made to tidy up the books) on Philadelphia beating Chicago in the NFL and needless to say they let me down. It's been a relatively quiet month which was to be expected after the joys of September but I can still declare a 13% growth to my trading bank and it now stands at over £6,000. If I can keep to a similar level of performance between now and Christmas I'll be delighted with my efforts for 2007 and will look forward to 2008 with a smile.
Sorry this post is brief but I've got packing to do!


LuisGarcia said...

Great result for the month ! Don't knock it, it's higher than any you posted in the first year of trading. Am really enjoying the blog, top quality. Hope the scan goes well and you can really enjoy the break.

STST said...

Hi Mark!

Just telling everybody I'm back from holidays. Glad to see you're still doing well.

All the best


marc.butterly said...

HI Mark,

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Anonymous said...

I make that somewhere north of 2100% ROI on the year, most fund managers would be pleased with that I reckon. Best of luck to you with the nipper and everything.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi luisgarcia,

You are spot on mate - his month is a very big win when compared with the other results I've posted this year.

I'll try and post a quick update tomorrow night to let everyone know how the scan went - thanks for the best wishes ;-)

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

Welcome home!

Now that's what you call a holiday!

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your message. Your website looks very interesting so I'll be sure to take a look on the weekend.

Best regards,


Mark Iverson said...

Hiya Prek,

Yep, I've got to be happy with that result - a similar one next year would be nice!

How are things going for you?



Marc said...


David & I would appreciate your feedback in order to improve the index. I've put a little more info on the main page too. Currently the only drawback is that our odds are only relevant when they go live approx 15 mins before each race.

Marc & David
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dip said...

Mark,no new post.Hope everything is o.k

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Dip,

Thanks very much for your concern - I meant to write a post last night but I didn't get home until late.

Cheers mate,


Anonymous said...

I have parlayed 100 into close to 5 figures in 2 and a bit years, so basically mate, it can be done. Capital conservation is the key, but hey what am I yakking about, I see you get that, o and be good to the Mrs.