Sunday, 6 April 2008

Being Clinical

Since Last Post P/L: £508.45
Monthly P/L: £508.45

That's more like it! I've felt a great deal more relaxed over the last few days and this seems to have made a huge difference to the way I've been trading. I can feel the ambition coming back (which may have been lacking recently) and I'm more determined than ever to get stuck in and get the show back on the road.

Controlled aggression has been the name of the game and this is where I see similarities between sports trading and poker. Those who play poker will know that if you enter every pot you're almost certain to lose in the long run. It's a case of being patient, playing the premium hands and when the odds fall in your favour being hyper-aggressive. By trading with this mindset (especially yesterday) I've been able to command my emotions and ensure that I'm the one who's dictating my results. The lesson here isn't surrounding the market, it's about taking responsibility and being highly responsive to what's happening around you.

Here's a full list of my latest results:
Lewis v Taylor : £55.53
Manley v Van Barneveld : £7.21
Part v Mardle : £13.92
Wade v Lewis : £19.68
Horse Racing
Grand National : £34.41
Rugby Union
Heineken Cup - Outright Winner : £14.50
London Irish v Perpignan : £167.59
Gloucester v Munster : £244.61
Blue Square Premier - Winner 2007/2008 : £20.00
There's some nice figures there which is very pleasing but the number of different markets I've been involved with may concern a few that I'm starting to charter into territories I know little about. I'll explain. The Grand National was a bit of fun (for low stakes) and my loss on the non league soccer was the outcome of some blind optimism at the end of last year that Ebbsfleet would win the league following my £35 investment in becoming a stakeholder! That one was a total waste of money and as it's now impossible for them to reach top spot the market has been settled.
I'll be sitting back to relax and watch the Welsh teams in Heineken Cup action this afternoon so the only trading I'm likely to take a look at today will be the Shell Houston Open Golf this evening. I'm confident that I can keep my Golf form up to par as I warm up for the main course - the Masters @ Augusta which starts on Thursday. I can't wait!


Alistair said...

Hi Mark

Some excellent figures there. I look forward to the day that I can post similar numbers.

I recently started a blog at Bet Your Life charting my exploits into the wonderful world of sports trading and wondered of you'd care to exchange links.

I've already added your url to my list.

Cheers and all the best for your continued success.


STST said...

I love the National! :D


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Alistair,

Thanks for your comments.

Good luck with the blog and I wish you all the best.

I'll add a link today.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

I hate to admit it but Nic chose the winner!

But....I get to keep the cash!

All the best,


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