Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Holiday Hangover

Since Last Post P/L: £152.80
Monthly P/L: £317.49
I survived – just! Apologies for not posting sooner but it’s taken a while for me to recover and with the Twenty20 Cup kicking into action I haven’t had much spare time on my hands. It was a great trip but the 4am start on the Friday took it’s toll and by the time I got back at midnight on the Monday I’d consumed enough alcohol to last a lifetime! Reluctantly I’ve had to admit that I’m not as young as I used to be. My days of dancing the night away until the early hours are now officially over.
Positive gains have been difficult to come by recently and a little bit of indiscipline has crept into my trading. After having such a good month in May I suppose it should have been expected! The plan as they say in rugby circles is to now ‘build a lead’ and not get involved in any rash trades. Little and often needs to be the motto for the next week so I’ll be playing things tight with the aim of growing profits gradually.

Here's a full list of my latest results:
Rugby Union
Australia v Ireland : £56.30
New Zealand v England : £20.92
Kent v Sussex : £61.79
Worcestershire v Gloucestershire : £4.56
England v New Zealand (T20) : £70.65
Somerset v Warwickshire : £43.77
England v New Zealand (ODI) : £209.35
Middlesex v Surrey : £301.34
Lancashire v Durham : £64.06
US Open - Winner : £129.31
Nadal v Djokovic : £2.45
The highlight out of that lot was undoubtedly Tiger Woods winning the US Open on one leg - the guy's a freak. The winner market had more swings than a kiddies play park and even though Rocco Mediate was a gallant loser was the result ever in doubt? Tiger's putt on the 18th during the 4th round seemed destined for the hole and you just knew when it dropped that there'd only be one winner. News has broken today that Woods will be out for the rest of the season and whilst you have to feel sorry for him it should make for some competitive tournaments during the rest of the Summer.
Elsewhere, it’s great to see the Betfair Trader back and posting on his blog. He and Matt from have been an inspiration to me over the last 18 months so I hope he continues to let us know his thoughts.
That's about it for now and I promise I won't leave it as long next time!


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Slipperytoad said...

Hi Mark,

How was the trip ? Sounds like a good one, did it bring back memories of your youth ? ha ha.

What do you think about trading on BB this year ?


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Mike,

I think I replied to your previous comment - in short the trip was very messy but it was fun to see the same places e.g. the Egg, West End etc.

I've been watching BB and I'm reluctant to say that I'm yet to have a bet! My gut feeling says that even though Kathreya is in with a shout her price of 3.35 seems extremely short with so long to go. What do you think?

All the best,