Monday, 17 November 2008

The Big One

Since Last Post P/L: £110.66
Monthly P/L: £421.51
I'd been hoping for a quiet week but an 8 month old baby had other ideas! Caden decided last Tuesday to get himself another infection and this unfortunately hit him harder than before. His oxygen saturation levels weren't good so it was back to the hospital for a very stressful 3 nights and it was only after the Doctors declared that his temperature was back under control that we were allowed to come home on Friday evening. With his full heart repair operation scheduled for Wednesday the worry was that any deterioration in his condition would force it to be delayed and in extreme circumstances this could be for up to another 6 weeks. With his 'tet spells' becoming more regular this is something we clearly want to avoid so it's sods law that Nicola woke up with a cold on Saturday morning! She's now been banned from going anywhere near him :-)
So this is it - the big one. As a natural control freak this feeling of uselessness isn't resting comfortably on my shoulders and with there little left for me to do, I'm now resigned to the events that lay ahead. The statistics are in our favour but I'm very nervous - I just want my little boy to be okay.
With all of this going on I've only been able to to take a quick look at a few events over the weekend. There've been some topsy turvey results and if I hadn't taken a look at the NFL last night I'd have saved myself £80.
American Football : £63.94
Horse Racing : £4.26
Rugby Union : £175.42
Soccer : £0.36
Poker : £5.44
Nevermind, other things are way more important and all of my attention now turns to what looks to be a hugely challenging few weeks. Hopefully life will start to return to normal come the beginning of December and I'll be able to let out a huge sigh of relief.
As I'm not likely to be around for a while, many thanks in advance for all the best wishes we may receive - they are a source of strength and we are hugely grateful.


slipperytoad said...

Trading, Betting, Gambling will still be here Mark.. Focus on your familiy and all the best. My thoughts are with you!

nico said...

good luck to your boy ,and yourselves ,head up be strong and all will be fine

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Buddy to you, your friends, Nicola and Caden.

Gus said...

All will go well. These guys know what they are doing. Now go switch off your computer for at least a month.

Justin said...

Best wishes and hope everything goes to plan. As a father of a 3-year old boy myself I know the anxiety you feel, albeit at a far lower level than you are experiencing, when all is not well with your own flesh and blood.

Anonymous said...


The missus is having a bone marrow transplant tomorrow so I know what you're going through.

All the best,

James A

Alistair said...

Stuff the trading Mark. It will still be here after Caden is fit and well.

All the best to you and your family


Cassini said...

The best of luck to you all.

Anthony said...

You can certainly have my best wishes Mark. See you in a few weeks when it's all sorted.

Talkbet said...

Best wishes Mark and family, all will be fine mate.

footygeek said...

Mark, all the best for Caden and your family. My thoughts are with you. FG.

Steve Alan said...

Best of luck mate !!

Steve Alan,
International Sales Director

STST said...

Good luck to you, Nicola and Caden. Take care.


John said...

Hope everything is good with your boy.

Dick said...

Have had pleasure going through your archive Mark. Good luck with Caden and have a cracking Xmas!


PS. I've put you on my Blog List