Saturday, 8 January 2011

Unbeatable Patriots?

It's that time again, the NFL play-offs are here and I just love it. Long time readers will know that every year I compile my rankings on the remaining 12 teams and this year is only different for one reason - I've put in more effort!

If all games were being played at a neutral venue, this is how I'd rank the teams (current Betfair odds in brackets):

1. New England Patriots (2.96)
2. Green Bay Packers (18)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (7.60)
4. New Orleans Saints (12.50)
5. Philadelphia Eagles (14.50)
6. Indianapolis Colts (24)
7. New York Jets (34)
8. Baltimore Ravens (19)
9. Atlanta Falcons (7.60)
10. Kansas City Chiefs (75)
11. Chicago Bears (14)
12. Seattle Seahawks (210)

So, can anyone beat the Patriots? The short answer is I believe they can, but conditions need to be right and the opposition will need to be of a certain make-up. It could be that I'll only oppose them when/if they get to the Superbowl, as with home advantage they tend to dominate more than other teams and that's where they'll be playing in both games prior to the big one if they keep winning.

Is there any value elsewhere? I think so, but for my money it comes in the NFC. Green Bay, New Orleans and Philadelphia all have inflated prices as they have to get past their Wild Card matches, but despite this I've taken positions on each of them with a view of trading out should one of them get to the final match. Unfortunately, Green Bay and Philadelphia play each tomorrow, but as I can't pick a winner I'm happy to have them both on my side.

One last thing, watch out for Kansas City (2.58) to turn over Baltimore (1.61). Remember, you heard it here first ;-)

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Rakeback deal said...

So New England Patriots will win =)