Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Enjoying What You Do

Ever since I was a teenager I've always been looking ahead, planning and thinking about my next steps and whilst I'm sure this has helped my career and assisted me in numerous ways I can't underestimate how exhausting it's been.

It may sound ridiculous but continuously setting yourself goals is a draining experience, but despite this we tend to surround ourselves in this type of environment. At work we often have deadlines to hit or sales targets to achieve and whilst we maybe rewarded temporarily with the odd bonus or tap on the back, the feeling of achievement can often be short lived with the ominous return to the norm a formality.

So why am I rambling on about this?

Well, a recent post on the Betfair Forum gave examples of two typical Betfair users. it then poised the question as to which type would be most likely to give this lark a crack full-time due to their personal circumstances. The types were...

TYPE 1 - 21 Years old, just finished uni but can't get a job (except maybe in a call centre) as every other Tom, Dick & Harry also has a worthless degree these days, no dependants, living at home with mum & dad, not paying rent, laundry done, meals cooked, use of a car (free of charge), not even paying for the internet, gap in CV could be easily explained.

TYPE 2 - 42 years of age, married, 2 children that are approaching university age, mortgage still being paid, very securely employed with 15 years service, currently earning £60k + bonus + car, final salary pension scheme, etc. etc (you get the picture).

The author then goes onto say.....

TYPE 1 would probably be happy to give it a whirl with £500 but the other guy is going to earn over £1m in the next 18 years if he just sits it out until his pension kicks in. Possibly a slightly more difficult decision for him and a different safety net requirement.

I'm not so sure I agree with the conclusion. With little life experience I think I'd be more concerned that the 21 year old would waste his early twenties barking up the wrong tree only to find out too late that he hasn't got anything to go to if the playing field changed quickly. Surely, giving up a 60k job with all the perks is much riskier though? What about all that security? All good points but in my mind the author failed to include that the second guy probably works 60-70 hours per week, travels around the country/world, is bored stupid and never gets to see his kids grow up and spend quality time with his wife.

That's some sacrifice and as someone who's recently taken a sabbatical from the day job I'm happy to say that I feel more relaxed and content than ever. I'm still working hard but as it's on my terms I'm appreciating every day and noticing things that I never did whilst making the daily round trip from 7am to 7pm. I've also started noticing more life opportunities and from a gambling point of view started making many more 'better' decisions.

Surely this is what life's all about? Long may it last :-)


BTP said...


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Mark Iverson said...

Hi Tore,

I've added a link to your blog.

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Hey there Mark. Just thought i'd stop by to say thank you, not only for the picks you offer, but because you do what you promise. There is no spamming, the e-mail is well structured and the ROI is pretty damn good! I hesitated to put my e-mail on the list but i was wrong! . You're offering a professional service, Bravo!

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Hi Chris,

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Glad you like the email. I don't get much feedback so when I do it makes it all worthwhile.

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