Thursday, 12 April 2012

IPL - Week 1

It may sound daft considering how much I go on about it, but I've really started to understand the importance the Indian Premier League means to my year and I'm so glad I concentrated on how I would treat things differently this year before the tournament started.

We're only 1 week and 12 matches into the 76 game tournament but already it's been clear to me that trades need to be handled with careful timing and I need to be alert to other factors which I may have previously missed.

I alluded to this on twitter this week and got accused of 'dick waving' when I advised others who were trying to use normal cricket knowledge to think about this. That wasn't my intention as I was simply trying to point out that things can turn around very quickly (more than the usual T20 match) and it can pay off to be alert to what the players are intending to do.  Confused?  Well I was accused of being cryptic too so to help take a quick look at this clip from the 2nd innings from match 9 - in particular the last over of the match (skip to 4.40mins):

I had a good inkling who was going to bowl the last over and I was confident on how the finish would pan out.  The result on this occasion went my way but this is only one example from a smorgasbord full of opportunities that have arisen.  With so many matches left there will be plenty more.

Now a post of mine without a graph wouldn't be right so to finish off here's one of my progress to date in comparison to 2011. It also has quite an audacious pre-tournament target on there that I'm trying to keep up with.  So far to go, but a good start (click to enlarge).


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