Monday, 9 July 2007

Throwing It Away

Since Last Post P/L: £43.97
Monthly P/L: £427.19

A busy trading weekend has left me feeling very frustrated. Why? Well, put simply it's because on Saturday and Sunday I let reasonable green figures end in a loss when I knew on both occasions that the right thing to do was turn off the computer and do something else. I think most of us have experienced this feeling before and I'd rank it as one of the worst feelings you can get. If I try and put this loss into perspective then all I have to do is realise that I'm ending the last few days with more money than when I left work on Friday afternoon, but with a quiet week ahead it's going to be a while before I can make up for my mistakes.
England v West Indies
After the Windies had posted a huge 289 off their 50 overs it could only have been blind optimism from England backers that led to the visitors' price hovering around 1.60 at the change of innings. I could tell the price was screaming "value" and can only regret greening out early. The gain should have been bigger but at the time I was happy with a decent £61.67 profit.
Desert Classic Darts
My demise over the weekend was down to the darts. I was wasn't feeling confident (maybe down to me not trading it for a while) and it's not the type of sport that you can trade with any trace of hesitancy. To cut a long story short I was gobbled up as I chased losses and cut winning trades short. I should have figured what I was doing sooner but by the time I did it was too late. My results were; Smith v Part £68.75, Barneveld v Scholten £0.29, Manley v Jenkins £84.09, Part v Barneveld £58.46.
British Grand Prix
All was not lost though, a ray of sunshine did shine during the British Grand Prix. All the pre-race hype focused on the new golden boy Lewis Hamilton but being in pole position didn't mean he was a shoe-in for top place on the podium. As it turned out, he finished third and he even though he may have been disappointed I was very satisfied with how things had gone. A great race to trade with plenty of twists and turns (no pun intended) allowed me to finish with a good gain. Maybe I need to focus on Formula 1 a little more as a Raikkonen victory earned me £105.95.


STST said...

Just out of interest, don't suppose you can recall what price Hamilton was after he held pole around the first corner?



Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

Hamilton's price dropped from around 2.50 to around 1.88 I think - I managed to get a piece of it :-)

Jimmakos said...

Just found your blog, some interesting reads there and some very good profits!

Keep it up!
Best of luck!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Jimmakos,

Nice of you to drop by - I've been reading your blog for a long time!

All the best