Saturday, 24 November 2007

Ticking Over

Since Last Post P/L: £22.56
Monthly P/L: £361.11
A very short post from me this morning to report that I dabbled in the Twenty20 game between South Africa and New Zealand last night.
By the time I'd got home and switched on the TV I was disappointed to see that the 'Black Caps' had only racked up a feeble 129-7 off their allotted overs and on a pitch that's renowned for decent totals I found it difficult to foresee anything other than a South African win. Their price was balancing at 1.12 and to me these odds didn't look far off the mark but I didn't rush in and waited a while before picking up a few ticks here and there.
Fortunately, I'd closed all my positions before the final overs as the Saffers ended up making a real horlicks of the chase and only ended up stumbling over the line with a ball to spare. That's the great thing about this format of the game - there's no such thing as a 'safe bet' and for traders that's always good news.


Trademaster said...

why is it good news Mark ?
I'm not sure i totally agree with you can you expand on that bold statement ?

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Trademaster

Volatility is the 'in-play' traders friend. The more swings of favouritism in an event the more potential for profit.

All the best,