Monday, 26 May 2008

Becoming A Bot

Since Last Post P/L: £551.20
Monthly P/L: £2851.45
Here's a question for you - how long does it take for the figures on the screen to become just numbers? After this weekend I'm starting to think that the answer is 'not long'. I've continued to make a decent amount but something hasn't felt right over the last few days. Maybe I'm starting to lose a feel for what I'm doing, maybe I'm starting to take things for granted - I'm not sure.
I'm hoping it's just down to trading the same sport every day. It's the same with anything though, right? You can love steak but if you eat it every night it after a while it'll start to taste a little tough. All these thought have made me think about the other Betfair users out there in similar position and I've been wondering how they cope with it. Are we all robots? Are we all just staring at the screens waiting patiently for 'trading trigger signals' to be met? But I needn't worry, I won't have this problem for long as the Indian Premier League is reaching the business end of the tournament and will climax next Sunday for the Grand Final. I'm sure I'll be looking back and wishing for it's return soon after.
Here's my results for the last week:
Punjab v Deccan : £90.57
Chennai v Rajasthan : £70.44
Delhi v Mumbai : £426.47
Deccan v Bangalore : £34.59
Kolkata v Punjab : £2.20
Rugby Union
Heineken Cup - Outright Winner : £35.30
Munster v Toulouse : £43.51
Special Bets
Eurovision Song Contest : £11.00
Yes, I know - the Eurovision Song Contest!?! Well, if Matt from is happy to gamble on Big Brother (I haven't forgotten - ha!) then what's wrong with having a dabble on Europe's political voting showcase? Just in case you're interested, I was on Latvia, Armenia, Sweden and the UK!


Anonymous said...


Isn't that exactly what you want? Becoming an automatant free from emotion and crystal clear of thought?

Never though lose sight of the value of money. I think it is the Betfair Trader who keeps a pile of notes next to his computer to remind him and keep him grounded.

One famous trader (can't remember who now) said that mastering your emotions is the key to becoming a successful trader. Looks like you are well on the way. Although the process never ends.

Great blog. Keep it up. Hope the little one is doing well.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi James,

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Yes, I suppose it is but I'm also keen not to lose my sense of focus. I'm always thinking of ways to keep the figures 'real' as it seems so easy to forget that it's 'real' money!.

the little one is doing well thanks (Caden). he's becoming a real little man but it's only around 3 months now until he has his operation and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting apprehensive.

Thanks again for your good wishes.

All the best,


free bookies bets said...

thats a great monthly profit that mate

The Betfair Loser said...

Hi Mark,

Not read your blog for a few weeks, but you seem to have taken it up to a new level!
Well done on an amazing profit this month.
What are you going to trade over the summer, now there is no IPL, rugby union or premier league darts???
Maybe you should try your hand at tennis!!

I had a go at Eurovision as well, for the record Ukraine and Greece cost me a whopping £8. Mugs game ;)

Mark Iverson said...

Hi BFl,

Yep, the IPL has been kind to me and I'm sure I'll miss it once it's gone.

The summer promises more cricket (our Twenty 20 Cup starts soon) but you're right, Tennis is a sport I feel I need to investigate. There's bucket loads of cash in those markets but you need to be very shrewd otherwise you can end up paying others wages!

All the best mate,


Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Free Bookie Bets