Thursday, 31 July 2008

No Boundaries

Blue : 2008
Pink : 2007
Orange : 2006
Since Last Post P/L: £540.23
Monthly P/L: £1,663.86
Rebecca went! I suppose it was to be expected but after having a pretty successful evening at the races (I won £60) it was a bit of a disappointment to hear that she'd gone. Darnell and Mohamed can count themselves lucky - this is the most open Big Brother there's been and with no certain winner, I can foresee a few shocks and surprises before the series ends. The show seems like it's been on the box forever but there's still another 5 weeks to go!
Saturday was sublime. With the sun scorching and the fans licking their lips, the scene was set for some serious action and the players didn't let anyone down. After 119 overs of pulsating entertainment the tournament went down to the last 6 balls and by this stage I was absolutely knackered. Is there any wonder why this format of the game is attracting so much interest? Everyone loves it! The sooner they scrap the County Championship the better :-)
Fortunately, all this cricket has allowed me to finish the month with a bit of a flurry and with a 12% growth of my trading bank during July, I'm quite happy with how things have gone. By analysing my trading activity in more detail it's helped me to concentrate at a level higher and for longer periods than in recent times. One glance at my key statistics backs this up with my win % particularly pleasing:
Average win/loss per market : £41.60
Average win : £73.43
Average loss : £24.53
Win % : 67.50%
Here's my final results for July:
Gonzalez v Berdych : £6.61
Robredo v Soderling : £77.73
Essex v Kent : £67.63
Middlesex v Durham : £109.56
Kent v Middlesex : £464.16
Special Bets
Big Brother - 6th Eviction : £30.00
Attempting to teach myself the tennis markets has been a little costly but I get the feeling it'll be worthwhile in the long run. I keep reminding myself that twelve months ago I didn't have a clue how to trade cricket and it was only after spending a lot of time studying the game that things started to turn the corner. I'll keep plugging away as I don't want to become a 'one trick pony' just yet.
Before I go, I'd like to say thanks to those who have voted in my current poll. The results have given me plenty of food for thought and I think the direction on where I'm heading is now a little clearer.
Ciao for now!


Scott Ferguson said...

nice work Mark. I hope even the tiny little bits of info you picked up at our Education seminar have borne fruit for you. Two sites you may wish to link to - for all sorts of material for experienced and novice Betfair customers, and my personal blog

Keep up the good work. Taking time to learn new sports and trialling strategies with minimum stakes is a greay way to expand - just imagine if foot & mouth hit again, or a players' strike in a certain sport... you can't take insurance policies for that.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Scott,

Great to hear from you and even better to find out you have your own blog!

I found the education nights to be extremely helpful in laying the foundations, and have recommended them to anyone who's expressed an interest. Shame you couldn't make the last one I attended back in March as it whould have been good to catch-up.

Links have been added - if you could find a way of getting me on the related sites section of the Betfair blog I'd be really grateful :-)

All the best mate and I'll be a regular reader from now on.


Dremeber said...

Hi Mark,

Great results.
Just wanted to warn you for Adsense. It is against their TOS to put adsense on a gamling related blog. So I don't know if you will ever receive a pay check from them.

I'm going to add your blog to my blog list. Hope you will do the same.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Dremeber,

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately, my virus software advises that your site can harm browser settings so I'm a little reluctant to add a link just in case this affects any of my readers.

If you can sort this out (it's probably some of the advertising links) then I'll be happy to put you on my blogroll.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Nice blogg!