Monday, 27 October 2008

Please...No More Drama

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Monthly P/L: £188.95
On Saturday night myself and Nicola were invited by my best mate to a Cancer Aid Charity Dinner that was being held at the Millennium Stadium. Finding it hard to turn down a freebie and as it was for a good cause we jumped at the offer and got dressed up for the black tie event. Bob Champion was the guest speaker, and even though I wouldn't describe him as a natural comedian, his story about how he fought back to beat Cancer before riding Aldaniti to victory in the Grand National was inspiring.
After several drinks everyone was enjoying themselves and it wasn't long before it was time for home. Our group was one of the last to leave and it was at this point the stupid behaviour started. My mate (the one who'd invited us) thought it would be apt given the surroundings to rugby tackle me as I walked down the corridor to the exit. Needless to say this wasn't a good idea and following a brief scuffle my head cracked into the side of the only radiator within 50 yards! I knew it was quite bad as people came rushing to help me, and with Nic crying in the background I guessed my head was in a bit a of a mess. Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm lying in the local A&E Department whilst a nurse puts 9 staples into my scalp to try and close the gash. We finally left at 6am and after inhaling enough gas & air to see most women through labour crashed off to sleep with a headache as soon as we got in.
Yesterday was then meant to be a day of doing 'nothing much' in order to aid my recovery but after picking Caden up from his Nan's, he experienced another 'tet spell' that is to be expected from time to time with his heart condition. These spells aren't nice things; he has a screaming fit, he turns blue and whilst this is happening we're supposed to keep him calm and hold his knees into his chest to increase the flow of blood to his lungs. This is what we did but after a few minutes he seemed to be getting worse rather than better so it was time to call for an Ambulance. As you can imagine, the longest 6 minutes passed before the paramedics turned up and it was only then that he started to come around. To make sure he was going to be okay the decision was made to take him to the hospital and after a thorough examination I'm pleased to say we were on our way back home.
Phew! I guess that when it rains, it pours :-)
With all of this going on I haven't been able to take a look at the Stanford Super Series yet. From what I can gather the pitch is proving to be a rather difficult one, so if I'm up to it tonight I'll take a look and hopefully get my month back on track.
Greyhound Racing : £2.36
Horse Racing : £2.56
Poker : £37.83


Stadium Steward said...


That is simply not true, I too was a guest at the Cancer Aid Charity doo and watched you chase and rugby tackle you mate (the one that invited you)and then bang your head on the radiator. When your mate(the one that invited you) tackled you, it was over the other side of the corridor and no one got injured... !!

Mark Iverson said...

Cheers Stadium Steward - my guess is that YOU are the mate that gave me the bump on the head :-)

Anthony said...

I wish I had a quiet life like yours Mark ;-)
I thought my weekend was a pain when my girlfriend locked the keys in the car at a service station, in the middle of nowhere, and then the car broke down but no, it seems that was plain sailing!
Hope everything's alright with you and yours now.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Anthony,

Nice to see that it's not only me that's having a rough time :-)

Things are starting to get back to normal now - much to my relief!

All the best as always.


Talkbet said...

Hi Mark, only just got a chance to catch up with reading various blogs. Good news about Caden, nothing pulls the heart strings more than your own siblings. Excellent blog as usual, keep it up :o)

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Talkbet,

Thanks for dropping by and many thanks for the best wishes.

All the best,