Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Licking My Wounds

Since Last Post P/L: £336.08
Monthly P/L: £525.03
The picture above is a current snapshot on the state of my head. Ouch! With hindsight, I'd say I was very very lucky. If I'd hit the radiator head on, then I'm sure the outcome would have been much worse and at least when the staples come out, my hair should cover any scarring.
The bad news is I'm a 4/6 shot to go bald!
On the trading front I've dabbled in the Stanford Super Series and enjoyed every minute. It's so nice to get back to trading a sport I can rely on. The Middlesex v Trinidad & Tobago game was a classic with both teams trading as exceptionally low favourites at different points of the match. Swings like this suit my style and as they offer so many opportunities there's a good chance I'll catch one of them. In this case that's what happened but the England v Trinidad & Tobago tussle was a different kettle of fish, and even though that one ended up going down to the wire my involvement had already ended with a loss.
As I'm keen to finish the month on a decent score I'm going to call it quits for October and save my energy for the $20 million game on Saturday. I haven't got a clue who will win but as long I make a profit I don't really care.
Here are my final results for October:
Middlesex v Trinidad & Tobago : £422.98
England v Trinidad & Tobago : £86.90


leonthefixer said...

OUCH! That is one hell of a cut - when you said you had cut your head I thought you had a little cut not one the length of your entire head!!!

Count your lucky stars you are just getting away with one hell of a scar and a hell of a story!

All the best!

Cassini said...

That is a hell of a cut! Like Leon, I thought you had a small gash at worst.
Anyway, there's nothing wrong with being bald! The girls love it. Solar powered love panel...

slipperytoad said...

Ouch raised by the power of 10!

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment
Barry LePatner

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Leon,

LOL - yep, maybe I understated my injury!

I don't know what's more frightening. my cut or my lack of hair!

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Cassini,

From looking at your photo it seems you're telling the truth :-)

Not sure if bald and scarred will do the trick though!

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Mike,

The headaches seem to be getting worse!

All the best,


Anonymous said...


I'm off to see England v the Pacific Islands at Twicks next week so hopefully the spilt heads will be on field not on the way out.

I agree with cassini (good blog BTW)

bald is the new black, cheap haircuts, no hair gell, no over heating in the summer.

take care and buy the Mrs some flowers


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Sweetybt,

Thanks for the best wishes.

If going bald doesn't do me any favours then I suppose I can always audition as a baddie in the next Bond film!

All the best and I hope you enjoy England having a rough time against the Pacific Islands :-)


Selectabet said...

Thats one helluva stitch up mate.

Hope its note causing you as much pain as the footie results caused me today! ;)

All the best, sb

Mark Iverson said...

Cheers Selectabet,

The pain's easing but I've got a feeling it'll come back when the staples are taken out on Monday!

All the best,