Saturday, 31 January 2009

Moving Target

Since Last Update P/L: £253.03
Monthly P/L: £1,008.37
Apologies for the lack of updates this week but it’s been a busy few days. Not so much for my trading activity but more to do with some odd jobs that needed taking care of.
However, the I’m glad to report that January 2009 has developed into my most successful beginning to the year since I started this trading lark. In 2007 my winnings totalled £137.22 and in 2008 they only went up to £304.01, so to post a figure over £1,000 this year signifies that I’m continuing to move in the right direction. Okay, it didn’t all go to plan (Ulrika did win Celebrity Big Brother) but overall I’m happy with the return and with the rest of year promising plenty of cricketing action things are looking good.
Looking back though, it’s funny how my thought process has changed over the last two years. Back then my goals were to pay the monthly telephone/electricity bill etc. and now I’m dreaming of new cars and fancy holidays! I guess there’s a lesson in there – targets should always be within reach but far enough away to keep you driven.
Here’s my final results for January:
Rugby Union : £138.13
Cricket : £132.81
Special Bets : £5.14
Poker : £1.48
Premium Charge : £24.53
So what does February hold? Well, I’m generally expecting it to be another quiet month with the occasional highlight brightening up the wintry gloom. Most notably the Six Nations commences and my views on Wales defending the trophy haven’t changed. A lot will depend on their first game against Scotland – a win and momentum will rocket, defeat and 4th/5th position beckons. With their odds at around 3.25 to win the Championship I wouldn’t be tempted just yet.
In keeping with the Rugby theme it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Super League starts on Friday. Leeds face new boys Celtic Crusaders in the first televised game and although I’d love the Bridgend based team to do well I can’t see it happening. If anyone disagrees, you can get 140 on Betfair for them to go on and win the Grand Final.
Then there’s the Superbowl. Arizona have surprised everybody and although I’m already on Pittsburgh I wouldn’t put it past the Cardinals on taking the prize. I have an ‘icky’ feeling in my stomach that the underdogs may just come through so there’s a good chance I’ll hedge my bets at some point. Either way you can’t fault the event as a spectacle, and I’ll be staying up late to watch it.


321-on said...

I was inspired by you to start my very own blog

Hope you don't mind the advertising space?

is where its at. Add me if you can to the links. Let me know how I can help etc and I hope to be as successful as you one day!!!!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Dave,

Nice blog.

Thanks also for the kind comments. I wish you the best and will add a link to your blog today.

If you could do the same I'd appreciate it.

All the best,


leonthefixer said...

Hi Mark - thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog much appreciated.

Don't worry I will have the new desk up on the blog in no time!

With regards to Peter's course, I have not been on it. It is quite a lot of money to me but I can understand why it costs what it does by the time you take account the cost of the venue, his loss of trading earnings, the time he spends preparing the course, transport costs, day away from his home, premium for his knowledge etc etc.

I would like to hear about the course from more people. I have heard mixed reviews which I guess you will get with anything. Some will like it others won't.

There didn't seem to be much of a response on your blog to your request for info previously - did you get any one sending you an email about it rather than posting a comment?

Let me know what you hear please.

Best of luck for Feb!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Leon,

I know you're a successful horse trader anyway but if you fancy Peter's course later in the year let me know and perhaps we can get on the same one - it would be good to catch up.

Sadly, I didn't get any response to my previous post so I'm guessing all the those successful graduates don't read my blog ! :-)

All the best mate,


P.S. I love the trading desk - I think you might have struck gold with that design/idea. Let me know if you need a business partner ;-)

Thomas Rooney said...

Really good site that you have here. Top work. Would you be able to email me when you get the chance?