Saturday, 7 February 2009

Losing It

Since Last Post P/L: £630.97
Monthly P/L: £630.97
Caden has suffered from a bout of sickness and diarrhoea this week so with looking after him, fighting the snow and coping with the launch of a new product in work it's surprising I've been able to make any profit at all!
Following a nice win on the 1st ODI International between Australia and New Zealand I decided that I needed to investigate ways of lessening the Premium Charge burden. My initial thoughts were to put together a horse laying system that over a period of time returned a break even p&l with an even percentage of winners of losers. My first foray into this strategy ended in a small loss of £28.43 (which is more than I would have paid in terms of PC) but it's not an approach that can be judged on one day so I won't fret just yet. It is a sad state of affairs though when you have to consider how to lose in order to keep hold of profit.
With 'losing' firmly in my mindset I then thought to myself, "Hey, what the heck, why not take another look at Tennis?" and proceeded to spend a good few hours going through some simulated scenarios. Although the Movistar Open currently being held in Chile isn't Wimbledon, it served it's purpose and provided some enlightening moments. Although I'm still paying for my education I'm beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Here's a round-up of my results for February:
American Football : £12.60
Cricket : £434.79
Darts : £94.10
Horse Racing : £28.43
Rugby Union : £249.35
Tennis : £53.82
Premium Charge : £77.62


Rotteborp said...

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Ray said...

Hi Mark,

I have recently been trying out a new way of trading. The results have been very good but the main thing it does do is earn a lot of commission points and gives a regular return. This may be good for you to not only earn a little bit of extra cash but also lower your premium charge, if you want to know more about it please contact me via the email link on my website.

Ray The Sports Trader

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Rotteborp,

I've had a look at your site and although some of the reports look interesting, it's not a service I feel I need to use at the moment.

Thanks anyway and good luck with it.

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Ray,

Many thanks for the comment - email on it's way!

All the best,


Guybrush13 said...


This is what I felt Saturday and let all displine go.

Ireland V France, I thought France's over evens odds were great so took a £40 stake on them looking to trade out later (i only use a £150 bank)

So after France's first try Bettrader Pro was telling me i could make £12.00 now whatever happened, but the greed set in and I wanted £20 across the board! (god only knows why I had this figure)

So after half time £12 was still available and then... Ireland scored, my plus went into negative £19 across the board to which I duly took given the score, I did a little further trading on Ireland but still ended up -£15 red.

Therefore lesson learned, fingers burned and will take profits when profits available!