Friday, 19 February 2010

England v Pakistan - LIVE From 1.45pm


Lewis said...

Hi Mark, just a quick message as I didn't manage to get in on any of the polls. I managed to pop in more than once but other commitments kept getting in the way. I appreciated being able to see some of your thoughts on the match and hope you cover another one as I am hoping to brush up on these short games before the summer comes around.

Excellent blog and best of luck in the future.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for leaving a comment.

I would like to cover more T20 games in the future but it was a little harder than I expected and I really don't want to distract myself from the trading side of things.

I still have to make money as these bills won't pay themselves!

Thanks for your kind words though :-)

All the best,


Dip said...

It's Dip from findfreelay.
Hope everything is going well for u and ur family.I and Pete were discussing to start live cricket trading again and he advised me to try
And what a pleasant surprise that I found u again blogging because I was thinking that you stopped it.
Please keep in touch and could you please provide me ur mail id or send it at
Lots of luv and hug.
Waiting for ur reply.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Dip,

Great to hear from you - it's been a while!

Feel free to get in touch - my email is

It's an easy one to remember!

All the best mate.