Monday, 8 February 2010

Next LIVE Event

Pure greed ensured that I had my most miserable weekend for sometime. Not only did Wales go down to England in the rugby (which is bad enough on it's own) but for some reason I managed to squander a decent profit in the One Day International between Australia and the West Indies AND go all-in on a whim that Scotland would give the French a run for their money at Murrayfield. On both occasions I was left with the dreaded phrase,"how did I let that happen?" running through my head.
So after my best ever January, I'm now playing catchup in a month that occupies my quiet time of the year. Not ideal, but how can I let this spoil my plans for my next LIVE event? The show must go on!
With this in mind I hope you can join me on Thursday evening for the kick-off of the 2010 Premier League darts season. I'm not going to kid you that it will be a trading masterclass - it's won't be - but I do enjoy this format and the high paced action always throws up decent money making opportunities.
Coverage will start on my blog from 7pm.
As a side note - after the New Orleans Saints stunning victory in the Superbowl, maybe I should re-think my playoff ranking system? :-)


WTA Bettor said...

May I suggest you use this site for NFL rankings? It's by far the best imho.

Ps would you care to link to my blog and I'll link to yours?

Mark Iverson said...


Many thanks for that link - looks very interesting so I'll be bookmarking it for future reference.

I've also linked to your blog and would appreciate it if you could return the favour.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi mate, I have just started a new blog, Any chance we could swap links? It's

cheers, james

ToyTrader/rockaren said...

Hi Mark, hope to meet you soon in another live session :D

If possible could you add my blog to your list ?

I am going to follow you ;)