Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Value Seeker

I was hoping to cover the Twenty20 International between Australia and Pakistan on Friday morning but unfortunately Caden has been summonsed for a hospital check-up. Nothing to worry about I hope, but he does seem to be getting out of breath very quickly after little effort for a 2 year old. Perhaps we're just hyper-sensitive or maybe he just takes after his Dad?!?
Whilst I decide on what will be my next live event, why don't you find out your Risk Intelligence Quotient? That sounds a bit posh, but in layman's terms it's your ability to estimate probabilities accurately. The test takes about 10 minutes and gives you a score out of 100. As this ability would seem key to becoming a successful trader I'm keen to find out what your scores are - are you lousy traders getting the expected poor marks and are you superstars getting perfect scores?
It's interesting stuff but let's see if there's any truth behind it.


Craig said...

Hi Mark!

I managed 72 but I answered 50% to most questions as I just didn't know the answer....

I know that sits with my trading profile of sitting on the fence and kicking myself afterwards!

I enjoyed the live chat the last time. Hope you will be having another one soon!


Craig aka The Real Moaner

P.S. - Is it ok for me to add a link to your blog on mine?

Anonymous said...

I managed 98, but then again I am in the top 0.1% of betfair profit makers..but nice to see it confirmed! Keep up the good work.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Craig,

72 is a good score. The interesting question that the test raises for me is, "when you know the right course of action, how likely are you to commit fully to it?"

It's all about making the most of when the cards fall in our favour and holding back when they don't.

Live chat will be back soon - could be this weekend.

Link also exchanged :-)


Anonymous- well done, can you lend me some money?



Anonymous said...

Hi Mark...

first visit to your site, a good read....scored 74 on the RQ test.
When it comes to trading i tend to be over cautious, and berate myself afterwards for failing to follow my inital prediction and missing out on profit!!
maybe its something in the air, i'm from the same part of the world as craig TRM!!



Mark Iverson said...

Hi Kopite,

Thanks for reading the blog and for taking the time to leave a comment.

Not making them most of things when you 'know' you have an advantage seems to be a common problem and that test illustrated that to me e.g. did you give something a 7/8 when you knew 100% it was the correct answer?

Interesting stuff eh?

For the record I scored 86 which I was surprised with as I didn't have a clue what the answers were to most of the questions!

But as I marked most of them as a 5 it would seem it was the right thing to do.

All the best,


Dubaitrader said...

Hi Mark,

I scored 78; i tended to go with 0 or 100% as I went with my gut instinct and the ones I was really stumped with I went for 50%. A few surprising answers in there!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi John,

Hope you found it interesting. Not sure if 78 is what you expected but my score got me thinking about a few things.

Hope you've got things back on track with your Forex trades.

All the best,