Sunday, 6 February 2011

Field Of Dreams

It's here. Some call it the 'Greatest Show on Earth' and with this seasons Superbowl being held at the highly impressive Cowboys Stadium in Arlington it would be hard to disagree. You don't see many sporting arenas in the world with a giant HD television hanging over the pitch!

From a trading perspective I'm delighted that Green Bay have got this far as it's allowed me to lay off my bet that I made at the start of the playoffs. They've already beaten the odds by winning away from home 3 times on the trot but this game is just too close to call for me to hold a pre-match position. If I was pushed into a corner I'd probably lean towards Pittsburgh's defence making the difference but this could be a 'swingy' match and there should be plenty of opportunities throughout the game to take advantage of.

So enjoy the occasion and make sure you have a big pot of coffee at hand - it's gonna be a late one.


sheff said...

Great blog Mark! Seriously really great, its one of those gems you find and end up loosing an afternoon reading the archive. Similar to when I discover the betfair traders blog.
I have just started out trading and am looking at cricket as a sport to specialise in. I know more about football really but cricket looks better to trade and with the world cup starting soon there's plenty of time to practice. Will you be blogging about your efforts in the world cup? I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am and you haven't lost your appetite for trading. Keep up the good work

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Sheff,

Many thanks for the great comments. I've been around a while now but enjoy looking back at the older posts too :-) It's always good to remember where we've come from.

As for cricket, to me it's an ideal trading sport and 65% of my profits come from it. However, the 50 over game is my least favourite format so the World Cup is welcome but give me T20 any day. Have you tried trading that? If you haven't, then be very careful to start off with as things can get very volatile.

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

P.S. The Betfair Trader's blog is my personal fav :-)