Friday, 16 March 2012

Calypso Collapso

Today went well and I was able to recoup another 41% of my losses to push me back nearer to my break even target.  In total that's now 56% in 2 days and it's more than I could have hoped for when I wrote my 'under pressure' post.  I can imagine you thinking that I've either been chasing or taking too many risks to get this amount back so quickly but in all honesty I've been doing the opposite.

Instead of jumping at every possible tick I've been really thinking through my plays carefully by constructing in my head the whole event before it's happened.  Impossible eh?  Of course, but it's not impossible to construct what's 'likely' to happen and that in many cases is a great starting point.  This is something I've practised for a while but with a nasty monthly loss staring me in the face it's forced me to pay a bit more attention to detail.

As for the match itself it was a breath of fresh air - the Aussies struggled to post 204 on a difficult pitch and in reply the West Indies imploded and were only able to muster 140.  The market switched favouritism several times and there was none of this bat 1st and win business.  With another 4 ODI's left in this series things could be looking up!

Off to Cardiff tomorrow to support the men in red in their bid for a 3rd Grand Slam in 8 seasons.  It promises to be messy so day 3 of my recovery will be on Sunday.  Here's the graph:


The Sultan said...

A little bit of pressure and anxiety is not as bad a thing as people often think when trading. In small amounts, they heighten your senses and that's probably why you find yourself focusing even harder and so spotting opportunities and the tiny details better. Is it possible you may have been a little complacent recently? Sometimes when we get comfortable, we take our foot off the gas and mistakes start to slip through more often. I can see how people may think you are chasing but as you say, that increased pressure has probably driven you to work a little harder and you are now reaping the rewards. It's not easy to stay focused at that level, day in day out.

Mark Iverson said...

Agree with everything you say Sultan. i often find I trade better if I 'have' to win as I tend to focus more. like you say though, it's hard to maintain that level day in day out without some slips along the way.

It' only the shares that have me damaged me this month and whilst thats frustrating the positive is that the sports side of things continues to go well.

All the best,