Friday, 24 August 2007

I'm Going To Be A Dad!

Daily P/L: £72.37
Monthly P/L: £759.56

You may remember earlier this month I said I had other things going on that were taking up alot of my time, well here's the news. Fatherhood is on it's way for the first time and I'm chuffed to bits! Okay, so it wasn't in the plan as I'm due to get married next August, but some things are more important so the wedding bells will have to be put on hold until the little one gets a bit older. Nicola my Fiancee is only 12 weeks so I know it's early days but I can't help get excited - I'll have somebody else to explain the wonders of Betfair to apart from the dog!
England v India - 2nd ODI
What a great day for cricket - baking blue skies and 16,000 supporters crammed into Bristol's County Ground set things up beautifully and the players didn't disappoint as the match turned into a run-fest! After I'd rushed home from work and booted up the PC India were extremely well placed at 243-3 with a full 9 overs left. Even though there had been murmurs about how good a batting pitch this was I was sure that any score over 300 wouldn't be chased down so the question was "would India score 57 off 54 balls?" My answer was a resounding "yes" even if the batting line-up was a little inexperienced. They didn't let me down and the 330 target they gave England to win was always going to be a huge ask but the market didn't reflect this. At the change of innings India were available to back at around 1.43 - a mammoth price especially as England would be batting under floodlights. BigBadBunyip declared on the Betfair forum that this was "the best bet of all time" and I was finding it hard to disagree. So what happened next? Well, Agarkar fell asleep for 5 overs and his bowling allowed England to get off to a flyer. They knocked up over 70 runs from the first 10 overs and were now trading at 1.79 favourites -what a flip-flop! The market was panicking and I was losing money as I hit stop loss after stop loss. Even though my view on the final outcome remained the same the market had gone bonkers and showed no faith in the Indian bowling attack. Enter stage left Chawla and Powar. These two spinners managed to turn things back around and as vital wickets began to fall the run rate started to move upward and England had it all to do. It was at this point I made my profit and in the end it was an amazing effort that England only lost by 9 runs. I was exhausted but content - another £72.37 could be added to the pot.


Slipperytoad said...

Congratulations to you and your girlfriend, Mark. Wonderful news!

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Mike - Life will never be the same again!

All the best,


dip said...

Hi Mark,
Good news.You are a sensible and responsible person so i hope you will enjoy this journey.
And yes being a doctor ask anything from me if you have any query.
All the best

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Dip,

Thanks for the best wishes.

I appreciate them alot.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

Congratulations on your blog! I have really enjoyed reading it.

Apologies for contacting you out of the blue - and I hope you won't regard this as spam but I could not find your email address.

I wondered if there was a favour I might be able to ask you.

I manage a betting exchange trading room in Highgate, North London called Elitebet and am interested in corresponding by email possibly about links and a few other possible joint projects.

Maybe you could drop an email to so we can correspond without cluttering your blog? Thanks in advance, H.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi H,

I've just sent you an email - thanks for getting in touch.


Clive said...

Hi Mark,

Thats brilliant news - Congratulations!

I guess you've heard about me and Laura by now so I probably won't be seeing you soon unless I bump into you in Cardiff sometime!

I'm still keeping an eye on your progress and getting more and more tempted to start trading again myself after looking at your P/L!

Congratulations again mate and good luck with your trading.


Mark Iverson said...

Hiya Clive,

Yep , I've heard the bad news mate but keep in touch and if you need any pointers with the trading then let me know.

Take care bud,


Ray said...

Hi Mark,

Congratulations to you both on your news. I know for me becoming a father ( 6 times) has been the best times of my life, and it keeps getting better as the kids get older.

I hope all goes well, good luck.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the message and for dropping by - I'm starting to get excited now!

You must be Superman to be able to look after 6 - coping with 1 will be tough enough for me :-)

All the best,