Sunday, 19 August 2007

It's Oh So Quiet

Since Last Post P/L: £8.79
Monthly P/L: £431.26
Not a huge amount to report. The weather put paid to the Pro 40 cricket during the week so the only trading exercises I've put myself through over the last 7 days have been investigating the possibility of creating a 'soccer-bot' and a small dabble on the France v England game tonight.
If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that my previous attempts at trading soccer have failed miserably but I still can't help thinking I'm missing a trick. This is the thing with traders - always up for a challenge of beating the system and always looking for holes to exploit. Unfortunately, despite the fantastic excel platform provided by Bet Angel that helps you design your own 'bot' it still feels that my search for the Holy Grail continues. I attempted to create a 'scalper' program and whilst it worked the risk-reward ratio just wasn't in my favour - I didn't get caught out this time but I could feel it was just around the corner. Best to leave alone and re-assess so it's back to the drawing board for the time-being.
One last thing before I go - I've put a poll on the right hand side of the blog which I'd really like your feedback on. As it stands, I only make a post after I've done some trading and if I feel I have something to report. As I only trade part-time this means that it could be 5-6 days between posts. Now I don't have a problem with this but I'd like to know if you'd prefer more frequent, shorter posts instead? Other blogs sometimes only write a few lines and in the past I've deliberately tried not to do this as I don't want to come across as lazy but on the other hand you may like to hear some of my ramblings. I'll leave the decision up to you - the vote ends soon!


Anonymous said...

Oops polls not working.But i like daily updates.

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Dip!