Saturday, 11 August 2007

World Cup Warm Up

Daily P/L: £118.49
Monthly P/L: £422.47
Rugby is back on the sporting calendar and it feels good. At the beginning of the summer I was concerned that with a lack of rugby I may struggle to make profits. Well, thanks mainly to the cricket, I seem to have survived and I've now got a big grin on my face as I prepare for the new season. The World Cup kicks off in a months time and today's games were just the tonic for my preparation.
Scotland v Ireland
What happened here? Scottish rugby is in dire straits. There's a lack of money and a lack of interest north of the border so it appears typically ironic that they should start to look like a half decent side. Okay, this was just a "friendly" but beating Ireland will have given them plenty of confidence and their forwards a great boost before they meet the South Africans in the coming weeks. They won't beat South Africa but they can hope for a close game providing they put up a similar effort to today. From a trading perspective I was very wary of this game as I couldn't figure out how hard they were trying so I settled for a small profit of £8.84 quite early on.
England v France
I thought I could make a bit of profit on this one as I anticipated the market over-reacting to the drubbing England gave Wales last week. England played well and looked impressive in that one but they were up against a very weak Welsh pack. The same can't be said for the French so my strategy for today's game was to pick good opportunities for getting on the visitors. The key time came just before Pelous scored the first French try and I secured a £109.65 profit. England fans can take comfort from their teams performance - it wasn't their strongest line-up and they played well. As for France? One player makes them tick - David Skrela. If he gets injured then they'll struggle to get out of their pool.

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