Sunday, 26 December 2010

Buffoon Boycott

Congratulations England. A fantastic first day brought embarrassment to the Aussies and also a well known ageing commentator.

Geoffrey Boycott has been around for donkeys years and whilst he may have been a quality player, how much longer can he milk the BBC out of tax payers money by providing expert analysis?

If any of you were listening to 'Five Live' last night then you'll already know what I'm talking about. Boycott started sledging the England team after just 12 minutes play and came out with brash statements such as, "I can't see England winning this" and "I'm supposed to know what I'm talking about, that's why I'm an expert."

You really need to listen for yourself, so click this link and listen from 42 minutes to 48 minutes. The great thing is that this period also covers the fall of the first Aussie wicket, which is very amusing after his earlier comments.

In the end he couldn't have been more wrong - England put on a clinic and the Aussies folded to 98 all out. Boycott should hang up his microphone for good.


Cassini said...

Buffoon is a very polite adjective to describe him. Very selfish as a player, a conviction for assaulting a girlfriend and key in organising a rebel tour of apartheid South Africa in 1982. In short - not a nice man.

Mark Iverson said...

Yep, maybe I was a little polite - I'm not his greatest fan either :-)

Rob The Builder. said...

I was listening live, and was struck by his put-down of Jonathan Agnew, a decent ex-professional himself. I hope Aggers trod on his fedora at the end of play.

Being from Boycott's patch, I have often come across people who have met him. I've yet to hear a positive comment.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I've got to admit I'm a fan, but I totally understand the criticism of him and wouldn't disagree with what Cassini has wrote as it is all factually true.

He can be very blunt and wrong in his predictions, I remember him stating that South Africa wouldn't bowl England out in a game last winter, that their attack wasn't good enough - ok, technically they didn't - but England ended up hanging on by the skin of their teeth with Graham Onions holding an end up for around 11 balls.

Boyc's was saying that England would bat out the day comfortably. Wrong again.

The backtracking when Watson got out was typical, he couldn't admit he got it wrong, instead blaming Watson.

CMJ's remark was class, it looks like he and everyone bar Boyc's knew the pitch was testing early on Day 1.

I didn't listen to the start, but I take it he didn't agree with Strauss' decision to bowl first either.