Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow Problem

With the snow putting many of the weekends sporting clashes 'out of action', it's given me the opportunity to review whether I should continue posting my Premier League ratings on the blog.

The initial reason for putting them on here was to generate thoughts and accumulate some feedback. As that hasn't materialised I'm not sure if there's that much interest despite the positive results. So with this in mind is there any point in cluttering up the blog with uninteresting content?

I appreciate that quite a few of my readers may not want to read about Football all the time so what's the answer?

Well, you've probably noticed the yellow banner above this post - I've set-up a mailing list. This helps me solve 3 issues; it frees up the blog again for other things, it will show me if there's any interest in my ratings and it also gives me the opportunity to present the information in a nicer fashion. Here's an example...

With a busy Christmas period coming up it also ensures that anybody who subscribes won't miss my selections. I won't take it personally if I get little response but there's no charge and I won't share your personal information so you haven't got anything to lose.


Cassini said...

This is intended as positive criticism Mark, so don't get mad at me. Personally, I find the ratings you use, or the format of them, a little hard to decode into what is looking like value. It doesn't help that I can't click on the image and enlarge it! I guess it's easier for me to have one number (supremacy) that I can directly compare to the odds available. Having said that, I will be clicking the link to receive your ratings. Good luck.

Mark Iverson said...

No offence taken Cassini.

I understand that the small pic on the blog combined with the colours and the layout of the ratings could be confusing.

Hopefully by having the extra room on an email it will help explain things.

Always happy for feedback so it still doesn't help, please let me know.

All the best,


geoff said...


The fact that you don't recive many comments probably doesn't reflect how many times people check the stats and use them. Us bloggers are sometimes a bit shy when it comes to leaving feedback!

I've signed up and look forward to recieving them.

Also while I'm on- my blog is if you like it wouldn't mind a link exchange. I've added yours already.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Geoff,

Yep, you're probably right although it's nice to get a few words now and then to keep the spirits up.

Thanks for joining the list and I've added a link to your blog ;-)

All the best,


thome5000 said...

Oh my crap snow, I am suffering this, too, right now, just missed some games in the premier league because of it including the top game manU versus chelsea :( fingers crossed for a fast spring in 2011

Anonymous said...

hi i have been an interested reader of your blog for a while but find the ratings difficult to understand as a few others have stated i have signed up for the ratings good luck for the future steve. s

Jay said...

Hi Mark,

I've tried twice to sign up to your football mailing list with no luck, can you please look into this?

My email address is

Much Appreciated,