Sunday, 11 February 2007

A Cracker At Croke Park

Daily P/L: £37.35
Monthly P/L: £85.32

Irish eyes will definitely not be smiling tonight. They were very unlucky today and only a bit of sublime skill from the French could shatter their Grand Slam dream.

From a trading point of view it was a fantastic game with flowing moves from both sides making the markets swing frantically. Within the first 20 minutes I'd made some good decisions and was already sitting in front of a nice green screen. One of my rules of trading Rugby Union is to only trade for the first 40 minutes - if I'm down at half time then I'll extend it to 60 minutes but by no means will I go any further than this - if I'm still down at this point then I'll take the loss on the chin and wait for another day. My reasons? Well, if you were trading the Ireland game today you'll already know the answer - emotions run wild, you get too involved and a late score can send you to the poor house. Hence, my profit from today all came from the first 40 minutes.

My success this afternoon was just as well as my dabbling with the India v Sri Lanka cricket match this morning didn't go to plan. I'm still searching for the best way to trade these one day games and need to get something in place for when the cricket season starts. I'll have to figure something out as Rugby Union, Golf and Darts won't be enough to hit my targets.

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