Monday, 12 February 2007

Surprised By Snooker

Daily P/L: £8.35
Monthly P/L: £93.67

I took a look at the Welsh Open snooker tonight and was pleasantly surprised. There was no frame betting available as it was the first round so I had to make do with the match odds market instead.

Perry was up against Parrot and he started the match as a strong 1.30 favourite. As I'm a novice when it comes to trading snooker I kept my trade sizes relatively low and took a very cautious approach. It seemed to pay off as I identified a few opportunities where the price had moved a bit too far, which allowed me the chance to do a bit of scalping. It's amazing how much the market reacts though - an example was when Perry lost the first frame and his price traded as high as 1.59, when he won the second frame his price shot back down to 1.28! With the score only at 1-1 in a first to 5 frame contest you can see that the market was prone to over reacting. All this is good news for us traders.

I'm away on business for the next couple of days but plan to get involved with the Premier League Darts on Thursday. I'm hoping that I can hold my discipline and make a good profit as each match should be competitive.


John Wheatland said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for dropping by. I missed the Ireland game unfortunately, sounded like a cracker though. Looks like you're having a nice steady month.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi John,

Steady's the way I like it!

Good luck!


Clive said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the concern but I'm OK. Haven't lost it all yet. What with six nations, valentines day, building snowmen etc I haven't had much time for trading!
Only traded on one match so far this month but lost out on that. Gonna try my hand at the Newcastle game tonight, then plenty of FA Cup at the weekend on BBC.
Hopefully back to winning ways!