Thursday, 8 February 2007

Un-Typical Taylor

Daily P/L: £0.45
Monthly P/L: £45.55

What is it about top sportsmen? Whether it's Taylor, Woods or Federer I really struggle to trade matches when they're involved.

The Premier League Darts action tonight was a classic example. Phil Taylor was up against a rejuvenated Dennis Priestley and I got in all sorts of bother by firstly supporting the 'Power' and then opposing him. I ended up inviting too much action and stayed in the market way too long. My reluctance to believe what I was seeing led to my troubles, but what was obvious is that Taylor isn't himself at the moment. He's lost loads of weight since Christmas and it would appear some of his energy has gone with it. I hope this is just a blip as the guy is a freak and an outstanding ambassador for the sport.

I was disappointed with my performance in this match as I traded the other 3 matches very well. A nice green figure would now be sitting in my account if I hadn't lost the plot - but I suppose that's all part of the game.

The positive news is that I'm now very confident I can make good money from this competition and my strategy is still holding up - I let myself down tonight but to be honest I've had a pretty tough week and maybe that's taken it's toll - hopefully the weekend will offer some respite.

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