Thursday, 22 February 2007

Greatest Show On Earth

Daily P/L: £35.62
Monthly P/L: £131.47

Does any sport at the moment provide the spectacle and excitement of Premier League Darts?

After a tiring week of travelling around Europe I was relieved to finally lay back on the sofa and switch on some sport, and what a treat it was. Everything is just great about this sport right now. The players are all at the top of their game with every 180 being followed by another big score. The Barneveld v Jenkins game was a perfect example - each player averaged well over 100 and the Dutchman took out a 170 outshot! It just doesn't get any better than that. The competition is very competitive with every player capable of beating each other and they're now playing in front of 4,000 + crowds which makes for a fantastic atmosphere - it's pure theatre! I'm gutted that as I'm going to Vienna on Wednesday I'll miss next weeks matches. Taylor is due to play Barneveld and there's sure to be fireworks - you just can't afford to miss that one.

You may think I'm going a bit over the top, but compare this to soccer where they play for an hour and a half and score the odd goal and there's no comparison.

I stayed away from trading the Dennis Priestley match and the tactic worked. A healthy green figure can now be reported. I stuck to what I know works and this makes me have a nice fuzzy feeling for the weekend ahead.

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