Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Good End To A Bad Month

Daily P/L: £77.45
Monthly P/L: £272.12

Yippee - I didn't blow it! I survived my last trading day of May and boy does it feel good. I feel quite relieved that I've managed to post a respectable result for the last 4 weeks considering the hole I dug myself when trading the Snooker World Championships. Okay, so my trading bank has only grown 13% this month but I can accept that things won't always go to plan. The important yard stick to remember is that since last September my average growth per month is 31% so I need to keep the positive juices flowing and convince myself that June will be 'business as usual'.
To liven the blog up a bit I've dropped in the 'Good Sports' chart at the top of the page. It shows the sports that have yielded my profits (I'll save the 'bad sports' for another day). As you can see, I'm currently making 83% of my gains from Rugby Union, Darts & Cricket which just goes to show that you don't need to be a jack of all trades to win on the exchanges, although I do feel that if I was able to add Tennis & Soccer into the mix, things would start to look very rosy :-)
Here's a review of tonight's action:
Barneveld v Jenkins
The first semi-final was the highlight of my night. With Barneveld trading at 1.18 before the players took to the stage I was convinced he was too short. As you may remember, I've been a big fan of Jenkins for sometime and even though he's not a World Champion yet he's not far off. I kept this in mind for the first few legs and it didn't take long for the market to catch on. Jenkins won and I netted £50.35.
Taylor v Priestley
Priestley was never going to win this one but even I was surprised at Taylor's opening price of 1.07! I dabbled here and there for the odd tick but because of the poor volatility whenever Taylor plays (in relative terms compared to tight matches) I always seem to lose interest. Nevermind, I was bored but £19.07 better off.
Jenkins v Taylor
The final didn't turn out to be much of a contest but the time will come for the 'Bull' from Hereford. Taylor beat Jenkins up and deserved the win but my bed had already summoned me and I settled for a small £8.03 profit.

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