Sunday, 3 June 2007

Lots Of Work For No Reward

Since Last Post P/L: £0.93
Monthly P/L: £0.93

Don't you just hate it when that happens? You spend hours by your desk staring at your computer following the numbers up and down and then at the end of it all when you check your account balance you find it hasn't moved. Well, that's what happened to me this weekend but in truth I'm very relieved that my performance today didn't turn into an action reply of the 2nd May.

Surrey v Essex
Surrey were strong favourites prior to Essex winning the toss but when they were ordered to bowl the market reacted and pushed their price out to around 1.80. A potential score of 300+ was being banded around by the pundits but I'd done my homework and had noted that the biggest one day score at the ground was 298 so I levelled a par score at 265. With this thought process firmly in my mind I got off to a decent start and mid way through the Essex innings I had a comfortable all green position of around £30. It was at this time things started to go wrong. Essex fell short of what seemed a sure 260+ score and finished with 248. My green position had vanished and I was now staring at a small loss. The market felt that with the strength of the Surrey batting line up, the Brown Caps would only have to play out the 50 overs for a comfortable win but as per usual, the cricketing Gods had other ideas.

To sum things up, Surrey lost 2 early wickets and I jumped in to lay them. My thought was that if Ramprakash or Butcher lost their wicket soon then the odds would flip-flop. As you may already know they didn't and their partnership built itself so quickly that I ended up in a spiral of losing trades which lead me to an all red position of £270 - ouch! The Surrey price had crashed and as they were trading at 1.11 the match seemed more or less over. Now what do you do when this happens? Yep, that's right, I switched off the PC and went to watch Big Brother! Forty minutes later I flicked back to see the score and Surrey had lost 3 wickets! I decided to give things another go and fortunately I was able to claw myself back to end with a beautiful profit of £0.51. If I was a cat I'd now be on my last life!

Yesterday I spent a little while trying out a few tennis trading methods in readiness for Wimbledon and I lost £1.44.

I was away in Belgium last week and tomorrow I'm off to the Netherlands - all of this travelling means that I haven't had much time for trading recently but I intend to get things moving again when the UK Open Darts starts on Thursday.

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jmac said...

Just came across ur blog (randomly). Was there anything nice to do in my lovely country? :P

Gl with trading & bets.