Sunday, 16 December 2007

Bah Humbug!

Since Last Post P/L: £108.96
Monthly P/L: £743.77
Christmas shopping this weekend has really disrupted my trading. Even though I'm able to report a healthy gain for the events I got involved in, most of today was wiped out due to a festive trip to Cardiff. It was freezing cold, the shops were packed, the queues stretched for miles and it all re-emphasised my dislike for trudging around the stores. I'm sure I'm not alone - there must be plenty of you reading this who share my feelings! Don't get me wrong though, I like this time of year but I much prefer to be inside rather than out.
Here's a roundup of my results:
Rugby Union
Cardiff v Stade Francais : £22.43
Edinburgh v Leinster : £40.40
Wasps v Clermont : £7.81
Buffalo @ Cleveland : £53.94
The Darts World Championships start tomorrow so I plan to take a look. Last year I was staggered at the amount of money traded on the tournament so I'm keen to see if history repeats itself.


The Betfair Loser said...

re xmas shopping - I have a nice little arrangement with everybody I know - don't buy me any presents, cause I ain't buying you any!!! (with the exception of my young nephews!!)
Not exactly in the festive spirit, but saves me a whole load of aggravation, and a whole load of presents that I'll never use!

Bah Humbug indeed!!

Anonymous said...

I take the M and S voucher option. I send and recieve them. The ones I get one year, I send out next. So far no-one has noticed. :-).

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Betfair Loser,

I'm not quite that bad but I know what you mean!

All the best,


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Anonymous,

I usually do that trick with bottles of wine!

All the best,

Mark said...

Hi Mark! Your post is included in Laying wrong donkeys, playing Poker and Trading Rugby and NFL of Nice trading there, well done!