Saturday, 22 December 2007

In The Line Of Fire

Since Last Post P/L: £200.01
Monthly P/L: £943.78

It's been a busy week as the PDC World Championship has kicked off and there's been plenty of action everyday. Initial impressions are that the money's back, with most games getting over £500,000 matched and it's only the first round! There's also been a list of incredible results and big name casualties with none bigger than what happened to Terry Jenkins. When 'The Bull' was leading 2-1 in sets and leading 2-0 in legs in the 4th set he was almost unbackable at a price 1.01 but the story didn't end there. During the next half an hour some amazing play signalled a fantastic comeback from underdog Kirk Shepherd and an early exit was waiting for one of the tournament favourites. All this is great news for traders and there's no doubt about it, the Final's going to be bigger and better than anything that's gone before.

With a bit more time on my hands, I've managed to get involved each evening this week but even though I've made a profit of £200 I haven't been too happy with my performance. Why? Well, my old strategy seems to have run it's course - from watching the markets in recent tournaments I've noticed that there are other people out there using my old approach and this means I can't make money from it. On Thursday I sat down and reviewed my recent trades and constructed an alternative method and from my results last night the outlook seems positive. My plan is to continue the trial over the weekend before getting too excited though :-)

Here a round-up of my recent results:

PDC World Championship Darts
Tabern v Laursen : £42.72
Gray v Walsh : £12.63
Scholten v Clark : £30.57
Manley v Greebe : £64.88
Taylor v Van Gerwen : £92.87
Anderson v Clark : £47.37
Jenkins v Shepherd : £67.15
Mason v Brown : £22.53
Priestley v Maish : £7.76
Lewis v Askew : £46.49
Van Barneveld v Forde : £10.88
Van De Voort v Klaasen : £15.34
Baxter v Olsen : £55.91
Wade v Macarthur : £10.45
Part v Losper : £27.22
On a slightly different topic, I'm delighted to see that the developers behind the excellent 'Bet Angel' software are continuing to push the boundaries by launching a specific API application aimed at the soccer markets. Aptly named 'Soccer Mystic' it looks very interesting and the well put together demo videos are almost tempting me to give it a go. If Peter Webb's reading this - any chance of a free trial?
Good luck to you all over the weekend and if I haven't said it before, have a very Merry Christmas!


Sand Racer said...

Happy christmas Mark.

Best of luck in 2008.

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Sand Racer!

Have a great New Year!

All the best,


Hamish said...

Hi Mark

Thanks for the link

Mark Iverson said...

No problems Hamish - thanks to you too!