Thursday, 27 December 2007

Scary Saturday

Since Last Post P/L: £114.50
Monthly P/L: £1058.28

From a trading perspective things got a little bit scary over the weekend. Saturday was a day where everything went wrong. After gaining some confidence from successfully using a new Darts trading strategy on Friday I came back to earth with a bump with a hefty loss on the Andy Jenkins v Tabern game. I just didn't see a 4-0 scoreline being on the cards and as this is exactly what happened I came unstuck - ouch! My state of mind must have been affected as I then turned to one of my most reliable sports (Rugby Union) and ended up turning a decent green figure into another sizeable red number. Now in most cases I would have left things there for the day, but instead I decided to take the dog for a walk to clear my head and it must have worked as when I returned I got stuck into the first match of the Darts evening session and made back the majority of my losses with some aggressive but controlled trading.
Here's a list of my Christmas results :
PDC World Darts Championship
Andy Jenkins v Tabern : £175.52
Scholten v King : £208.04
Rugby Union
Bristol v Wasps : £59.98
Sale v Leicester : £64.78
Cleveland @ Cincinnati : £94.19
Baltimore @ Seattle : £17.00
Thankfully Sunday was kinder to me, so I was able to relax and enjoy myself for next three days without worrying about making money or missing opportunities :-)
I hope you enjoyed yourselves too and good luck with your gambling for the rest of the holidays.

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