Sunday, 29 April 2007

All Systems Go!

Daily P/L: £46.46
Monthly P/L: £681.27

What a hectic few days it's been! After Thursday's dance with danger I decided to have a break on Friday with the plan to hit it hard over the weekend but as it turned out other things just kept on popping up.

It all started on Saturday morning. I'd received an email last week from a guy called Aaron who advised me that he produced a North American sports-talk radio show and that they'd like me to appear on it. The catch was that their show is aired between 11pm and 2am Eastern Time so if I was going to do it I'd have to get up early! Roll forward to yesterday morning and here I was, sat on my sofa at 6.30am with the dog on my lap waiting for a phone call from a guy I'd never met.....then.....the phone rang. Sure enough it was Aaron. He calmly introduced himself before saying "it's an uncensored show, feel free to say what you like - you're on in a minute". This was a first for me but I thought "what the heck!". In hindsight it went okay apart from every tip I suggested going down the drain (I don't think they'll be inviting me back on) and my gradual attempt at changing my normally very thick Welsh accent into a New York taxi driver drawl. Anyway, it was fun and if would like to hear my attempt at being Chris Moyles then take a listen by clicking here - my bit starts after about 2 minutes. I would like to say thank you to Aaron though - it's nice to get someone to take an interest even if they're on the other side of the world!

Straight after my showbiz appearance I had an appointment with the Golf course. The plan was to carry out a very leisurely 18 holes before zipping back home to trade on the Cricket World Cup Final. The golfing session took a bit longer than scheduled due to a hold up at the 19th hole (hee-hee!) so I didn't get back until 4.30pm and it turned out that in my absence I'd had a visit from the postman - the new computer had arrived! Of course, it was like Christmas day all over again as I spent the next 4 hours setting everything up (finding lost wires, waiting on hold to get the Internet connection sorted etc.). The good news was that by this morning everything was sorted. My trading haven was in place and I was ready to rock.

Somerset v Sussex
My first dabble with County cricket this season proved to be successful. I joined the action after Sussex had just posted a score of 287 from their 50 overs. Taunton is a small ground and the market had reacted accordingly - the Somerset price was hovering at 1.60. Even though I didn't think the result was a formality the favourites couldn't have started any better as soon their price had fallen to just 1.05 as they raced to a score of 97-0! As often happens with cricket, Somerset then stalled as Mushtaq came on to bowl and immediately took a wicket. The slide continued and within a few overs their price was back out to 1.40 - a few overs more and it was 1.50. Wicket after wicket fell and Somerset went on to lose by 38 runs! I took advantage of these fluctuations to post a profit of £46.46 and with only tomorrow to go it looks like it's been good month. Opportunities like this are why I feel trading is so much more lucrative than punting - GET ON THE TRADING BANDWAGON!


STST said...

Good to hear you "laying it down" and "laying the juice" Mr. Iverson! These guys are berserk! I have to admit though, the best bit is after you've finished when he goes on about 'Beneveld' being overrated! Nice work Mark!


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

I thought you'd find it funny! It was definitely a strange experience but also a good laugh!


slipperytoad said...

Inspirational Mark, very inspirational.. well done!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Mike,

Ha! I still can't believe I did it but you only live once!

All the best,


Clive said...

Nice one mate - funny stuff. With tips like that I can see why you like trading more than punting!
Keep it up!


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Clive,

Yep - that's why I'm not a tipster!