Friday, 13 April 2007

This Is Getting Serious!

Daily P/L: £190.91
Monthly P/L: £365.72

What a difference some sunshine can make! We've had some glorious weather over the last week and I feel so much more relaxed - I'm sure this mindset rubs off on my trading.

Tonight it was back to the darts and everything was rolling along at a normal pace until the last match of the night!

Scholten v Lloyd
Colin Lloyd is a player who knows he's really underperformed during this tournament. He has a lot of ability and when he concentrates he can beat most players. This match was a good example of him hitting a bit of confidence and then going on to close out the game. Scholten blows hot and cold and I never feel comfortable relying on him too much. I ended with a profit of £45.07 on this match.

Taylor v Manley
The guy's a freak - if Taylor was born at the turn of the 20th Century his nickname would be 'The Elephant Man'. He totally outclassed Manley and shot him down with a convincing 8-1 victory - Barneveld wouldn't get near him on this form. The market supported Taylor all the way so I only made a small profit of £12.98 on this one.
Barneveld v Jenkins
It's nice to save the best until last. I went into this match with the thought of not blowing any of my accumulated profit but thanks to some divine inspiration I ended up with my biggest all green position to date. Again, I've included a screen shot to celebrate! The p/l shown is my profit after commission is deducted. The key point for me in this match was when Barneveld was trading at 1.64 I laid him for £317 and he missed 3 darts at a double - his price immediately flew out to 2.14 which allowed me to back him for an instant guaranteed profit. If only all matches were this good! I had some other trades as well which meant I finished with a gain of £132.86 on this one.

I'm off to London for a wedding over the weekend so there'll be no trading for a few days. The break might do me good but it'll probably mean I'll have to wait until next Thursday before getting involved again. I've already made a nice profit for the month so there's no need for me to go rushing into anything.


The Betfair Trader said...

Great result Mark. You seem to be going through a bit of a purple patch at the moment!

For what it's worth I think you're spot on with your attitude of not rushing straight back in. In the past some of my bigger losses have followed straight after bigger wins. I eventually realised it was because I was thinking along the lines of I'm well up now, let's try and push the advantage. Of course, it can work, but it can also cloud judgement and I was ending up taking on more risk than I usually would and was paying the price. I found it's much better to be pleased with the win but to put it firmly behind me before I start trading the next event which I try and approach with my normal outlook and attititude to risk. Sure, it can stop me having a great winning streak but over time helps to protect the big wins and provides more consistent results.

Hope you enjoy the wedding!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi BT,

I seem to be having a good run at the moment and I want to make the most of it!

I totally understand what you say about trying to put the last big win behind you - I've found that if my head isn't clear then I get into trouble.

Nice to see you're doing well too - I'm gutted I missed Bangladesh turn over the Saffers!

All the best


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