Sunday, 1 April 2007

Somebody Pinch Me!

Daily P/L: £137.19
Monthly P/L: £656.22

What a fantastic day to finish my month. March is now over and my trading bank has grown by 56% during this time. It now stands at just over £1830 and this means I've surpassed what I aimed for when I did my re-forecast back in December. I'm trying not to get too carried away but it's difficult!

I traded in 2 rugby matches and the second game signified a landmark for me - my biggest all green position since I switched from punting to trading.

Bath v Bristol
This was the appetiser before the main event and once again I nearly blew a nice green position from being too greedy. After 30 minutes of the game I was sitting pretty with an all green position of £25 but the market at this point was uncertain about a favourite - I jumped on once side of the fence, got it wrong, struggled to get out and ended up with an all red screen. This meant I had to go to plan B and carry on trading up until the 60 minute mark. Fortunately, I got on the Bath rollercoaster just before they started to run away with game and was able to turn my position around. I therefore ended with a profit of £19.25 on this one.

Wasps v Leinster
This was poetry in motion - everything went according to the script. I was able to lay Wasps just before Leinster scored their try and again just before Dallaglio got sin binned to secure a great position. It was so good I feel the need to show you a screenshot! The figures show my profit minus commission.

If you're reading this and still haven't realised all the benefits of trading, then please note that I was able to get myself into this position from spending just 40 minutes in front of the TV. The best bit? I couldn't lose. Whatever the outcome I was guaranteed to win and I love that feeling. I always green up my positions straight away and I'd recommend this process to anyone thinking of becoming a trader - winning is a frame of mind and becomes a habit if you do it often enough. If you don't choose to secure a profit no matter what the result then negative thoughts can appear and this is when trouble can start. Wasps went onto win easily, but I'd already secured a £117.94 profit on the match.

More rugby tomorrow, and as it's the start of April my trading stake sizes increase in line with the size of my trading bank. I really hope I can continue this good form.


Clive said...

Good effort for this month mate - tempted to cut short my 'retirement' after seeing this! Good luck for April!

slipperytoad said...

Well done Mark, monitoring progress with interest..

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks both - finding it hard to keep my feet on the ground though!

Today has been another good day and I'll try and post about it tomorrow.

Cheers again!


STST said...

Good work Mark, seems you're doing exceptionally well.

Just out of interest where do you play golf?

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the support. I play golf at Bryn Meadows which is just outside Blackwood.

Do you play?