Thursday, 5 April 2007

Dazed & Confused

Daily P/L: £30.86
Monthly P/L: £89.66

I got back from a very tiring 2 day trip to Amsterdam last night and I haven't recovered yet. It's proving very difficult for me to balance work and trading during the week and because of this my involvement in the darts tonight was limited to just two matches. Over the last six months I've become very aware of when I'm too tired to trade and tonight was a prime example. When I feel like this, from experience I know I need to be very cautious.

Manley v Barneveld
What's up with Barney? He's not himself and after the first leg it was plain to see that his initial trading price of 1.28 was way too short. The market reacted quickly and his price drifted rapidly. In the end he was lucky to secure a draw but I think he'll bounce back over the next few weeks - he just needs a bit of a rest as he looks exhausted. I secured a profit of £18.70 on this match.

Lloyd v Lewis
It seems that all the players in the Premier League are Jekyll and Hyde characters and Adrian Lewis is no exception. When he has confidence and gets going he's very difficult to beat but over the last few weeks he's appeared disinterested and quite rightly he's ended up on the losing end because of this. So what happened tonight? He decides to show up and beat an in-form Colin Lloyd! I can't figure him out and he's one of those players that can either make you a lot of money or cost you a fortune. I ended up with a small profit of £12.16 on this one.

Fortunately, I now have the Easter break to recharge my batteries although my fiancee's already roped me into doing the garden on Monday!

Happy Easter to you all!


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