Friday, 27 April 2007

A Close Shave

Daily P/L: £4.01
Monthly P/L: £634.81

Tonight could have been a disaster but only a serious bit of luck helped me out. The short story is that I traded very badly by making a couple of wrong decisions, held onto my positions for too long and then proceeded to over trade and way exceed my maximum risk levels. I've got a sneaky suspicion that the excitement of trading from my new 'office' (albeit minus my new PC) got to me and I wanted some action - if this experience is anything to go by I hope the novelty wears off soon!

Jenkins v Lloyd
It had started well. Jenkins was a firm favourite at 2.10 before the first darts were thrown but as I knew that Lloyd had come into form in recent weeks I was waiting for signs that it would be his night. I didn't have long to wait as he marched into a lead that would eventually result in the first 8-0 whitewash of the Premier League. I supported Lloyd all the way and got paid off for £44.50.

Barneveld v Scholten
This was my lucky, lucky escape. I'd dug myself a hole the size a JCB would have been proud of by making a string of wrong decisions early in the match and continued to do the exact opposite of what the Betfair Trader did in this post. Fortunately, I don't indulge myself in this level of indiscipline often but it's true to say I had a shocker! It was so bad that even though Barneveld was 6-2 up my liability on Scholten was over £1200! This was scary - I had a semi-fat red of £119 on Barneveld but I wanted to take it there and then as Scholten started to come to life. I could see it all going horribly wrong - the Tripod making a sensational come back to win 8-6 and me signing for an expensive new computer on Monday with no bank roll to play with! I was doing all the classic trading panic stations manoeuvres - pacing the floorboards, biting nails, praying etc. and something must have worked as Barney woke up to seal the match - phew! So what did I do wrong? EVERYTHING! Never ever trade like this! I made a final loss of £119.69 on this one.

Lewis v Taylor
Maybe I should have called it a day but I knew that I wasn't on tilt - I'd just been stupid - so I decided to try and get the show back on the road in the last fixture of the evening. Taylor was trading at 1.20 before the players had reached the oche but as I wasn't sure which Lewis would turn up so I decided to wait. In the first leg it became clear that Taylor had an opportunity to break Lewis' throw so I lumped on him. He did indeed go on to win the leg and the result after that was never in doubt. I'd somehow managed to make £79.20 on this match and had miraculously crept myself into a small profit for the night.

I'm now off work for a week and I need the break!

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