Thursday, 19 April 2007

Itchy Trigger Finger

Daily P/L: £83.66
Monthly P/L: £449.38

After a week of no trading there was always going to be the danger of getting too involved on my return. Fortunately, I ended the night on the right side of the p&l although the temptation of pressing the self destruct button raised it's head a few times. With these thoughts running through my mind, I decided to call it today after the first 2 Premier League darts matches.

Jenkins v Lewis
Despite not being on top form over the last few weeks, Terry Jenkins showed a determination to not be denied tonight. Lewis has improved of late and made a match of it but after the break Jenkins stepped up a few gears and showed why he's so highly rated. The market offered some good opportunities and I made £31.46 on this one.

Manley v Scholten
Despite getting a good result in the end, I really struggled to get a handle on this match. Scholten was trading at around 1.94 before the first darts were thrown and my initial feeling was that this price was a bit on the short side. It proved to be the case as Manley sprinted out of the blocks but unfortunately for him he ran out of puff and the Tripod took a strong grip. At the half way stage I was staring at a small loss but I managed to get on Scholten just before the game became a formality and secured a profit of £52.20.

So things continue to go well and it's dawned on me that I'm now trading at a different level to where I was back in January. My maximum trading stake sizes are now up to around £500 so I need to make sure I'm professional in every aspect of my approach. To help me with this I've decided it's time to set myself up a home office - the days of me lounging on the sofa with the laptop lying next to me are numbered! I've written my wish list and I'm going to go about setting everything up over the next few weeks - I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I have tried some in sports trading, but somehow it doesn't work. Would you be willing to give me your picks via MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger or even via Paltal chatroom live the second you place them, so that I can follow them? Would be great!
My e-mail: bigdog-forex (at)

Anonymous said...

And have you already tried the live chatroom of
Is the trading room really getting everybody green? If you haven't tried, I would be willing to subscribe (and give you the logins)in exchange for telling me your trades via Messenger.

Aaron said...

Mark, if you're awake

Please e-mail me aarbron at gmail

We're hoping to have you on a radio show to talk darts

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Big Dog,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, when I tried darts I'm only in the market for a few seconds each time so it would be impossible to send messages via MSN during this time.

I haven't been on to for a little while as I've had some problems registering for their new forum.

Sorry I can't help at the moment but thanks for getting in touch.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Aaron,

I'm intrigued!

I've sent you an email - I was still asleep when you left the message this morning!